Inland Empire Eyewitness Report

By Garth Franklin Tuesday August 16th 2005 02:12PM

'ME' just completed two days as a featured extra on the new film, "Inland Empire" directed by David Lynch and starring Harry Dean Stanton, Laura Dern and newcomer Terryn Westbrook. Here's his full report:

"The film has been filming since 2003, at which time my sister-in-law was an extra. Having taken off time from work to have a baby, she only did the couple of days In Dec '03 when Lynch shot for several days just out of LA (most of the film was shot in Poland) and did no more. When the opportunity arose for extras again - she declined, but I decided to look into it. What do you know? I got two days work.

I didn't get the script, we were only given a BREAKDOWN of our scene, and that's all. Lynch said very LITTLE to us on both days. The DP was more sociable, and the casting director was lovely. What I can gather is that it's a Twin Peaks-like mystery about a woman that dissapears near the San Gab mountains.

We did auditorium scenes - crowd, typical red-robed curtains behind lounge act - which went over three days, though I was only available for two. The task was to basically sit, in awe, of the performance in stage - played, comically - though I'm assuming my smile will be overshadowed by my look of awe. Not that you'll see my in the finished cut, I'm row P - right-back, near entrance. It's a REALLY dark theatre (though not theatre, just a set near San Gabriel mountains here) too.

We do hear music BUT it's not coming from the singer's mouth. She lip-synches, and I believe they fix it all later - - - or something. I didn't recognize the singer/actress. An older man was there directing ? her music.

The film was shot on Digital Video, so I imagine it's going to look VERY cool. It's an experimental film for Lynch, so it is hard to say how it will go (and at one stage I believe it was going to be made for only), but it will be interesting to see the finished product - no less.

Laura Dern was on the set on the second day, I think she's going to be playing a role in the film too - maybe even a starring one? - and Kyle MacLachlan (barely recognizable, because of his SILVER hair!) turned up too late afternoon on the Thursday.

The DP, who I'd met at lunch on the Wed and talked to a group of us (he was GREAT!) said David and Kyle are thinking about doing some "Dale Cooper" telemovies - the dude he played on TV. Nothing to do with Twin Peaks, I guess, just that character."

Thanks to 'M'