"Star Wars: Ep. VII" To Make 1.2 Billion?

By Garth Franklin Tuesday July 9th 2013 11:19AM

Talk about getting your predictions in early.

Despite it being revealed that "The Lone Ranger" was going to lose $150-190 million for Disney yesterday, the studio's stock price actually went up 1%.

Why is that? It's apparently all due to J.J. Abrams "Star Wars: Episode VII". Variety reports that, even though we're two years out, some fairly specific estimates have been issued regarding the profitability of the new film.

Credit Suisseā€™s Michael Senno says he expects Disney to generate around $733 million in profits and $1.2 billion in global theatrical receipts. That's just for this first film on its own.

It's also expected to make a bundle on consumer products and other tie-in revenue which will lift the stock to a new target price of $74 (it reached $64.66 yesterday).