Scott must be on Speed-Man

By Garth Franklin Thursday March 11th 2004 02:48AM

Ex-"Felicity" actor and blond spunk rat Scott Speedman is proving busy as a beaver. Aside from just finishing the indie drama "The 24th Day" with James Marsden which recently screened to big success, the actor is gearing up for Darclight's new film adaptation of the classic story of "Beowulf".

Inside Film reports that Speedman plays the title character in the film which will be slightly different to earlier versions. In this Beowulf's legend as a warrior has made him the equivalent of a medieval rock star - including a bit of an ego over his monster slaying abilities. Shooting will take place in Iceland under the helm of Sturla Gunnarsson

Speedman is also attached to numerous other projects including Fountainhead Films' "Blue Valentine", Emotion Pictures' "Three Needles" and a proposed "Underworld" sequel. In regards to 'Valentine', he'll be co-starring with Jeremy Renner and starts work on that May 10th.

Thanks to 'Dovey'.