Fox Unveils "Hollow," "Human," "Rake" Promos

By Garth Franklin Tuesday May 14th 2013 01:11PM
Fox Unveils "Hollow," "Human," "Rake" Promos

Fox has released promos for their upcoming Fall premiering dramas and comedies. Check them out below:

Sleepy Hollow
Ichabod Crane is thrust into the present day and the headless horseman follows soon after. Crane soon teams with a cop to stop the spook.

Almost Human
J.J. Abrams' cop drama set in the year 2048 about a robot-hating detective (Karl Urban) teamed with an android partner (Michael Ealy).

Seth MacFarlane's limited series sitcom with Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as successful friends whose fathers move back in with them.

Gang Related
A crime drama about a task force assembled to bring down the most dangerous gangs in Los Angeles.

Brooklyn 99
Comedy about a dysfunctional police precinct with Andre Braugher as the new police chief who has come in to clean things up.

The remake of the comedic Australian legal series swaps out Richard Roxburgh with Greg Kinnear, and reduces the character's lasciviousness somewhat.

A comedy set on a Florida military base with a decorated soldier forced to train a group of dysfunctional recruits.

Surviving Jack
An early 1990s California-set coming of age family comedy led by Chris Meloni.

Us and Them
The remake of the UK sitcom "Gavin and Stacey" about a young couple and their crewed up friends and family.