Stallone Talks "Expendables 3" Tone & More

By Garth Franklin Wednesday March 13th 2013 08:55AM

Sylvester Stallone has used his Twitter account to provide some brief updates on how a third "The Expendables" movie is progressing. With the first two films earning over half a billion dollars worldwide, it's no surprise that another is on the way.

Stallone confirms he's currently writing the script and plans to inject the film with "NEW blood and more humor…The films were always meant to be more on the humorous side with moments of drama."

Stallone dismisses any involvement of Steven Seagal, but adds that he's currently trying to get Jackie Chan involved. He also promises "there are going to be mountains of surprises."

Finally, he re-iterates that he is pursuing "some young bloods" for the film, specifically mid-20s types - "Not big bruisers but tech wizard, super brains and a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny, tough, REAL."

Source: Twitter