Winkler, Driver Team For "Coward"

By Garth Franklin Thursday February 28th 2013 06:50PM
Winkler, Driver Team For "Coward"

Adam Driver ("Girls") has signed on to play the lead role in the period comedy "Coward" at Big Beach.

Set in 18th century England, Driver plays a nobleman who hails from a family with a track record of men who came out on the losing end of to-the-death duels.

When he is challenged to trade pistol shots, he panics and hires a common criminal to take his place. Trouble is that criminal steals his employer’s identity.

Max Winkler helms from a script by Matt Spicer, based on a play by Nick Jones. Peter Saraf, Marc Turtletaub, Ravi Nandan and Scott Armstrong are producing

Source: Deadline