Dying Fan Sees "Trek" Sequel Before Passing

By Garth Franklin Sunday January 6th 2013 12:35PM

New York Asian Film Festival director Dan Craft left this world with his last wish granted.

The terminally ill "Star Trek" fan was recently granted a personal DVD screening of an early cut of the forthcoming "Star Trek Into Darkness" by director JJ Abrams - five months before the film's release date.

Craft attended an IMAX screening of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" with the hope of seeing the nine-minute preview of "Star Trek Into Darkness" in front of it. It didn't play.

His friend soon launched a social media campaign asking for anyone to help. Such is the power of the Internet that within a day, Abrams himself was made aware of Craft's situation.

Abrams made the screening happen, a producer hand delivering the rough-cut DVD of the film to their door and, after signing non-disclosure agreements, they watched the film and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A few days later, this past Friday in fact, Craft was taken to the hospital for hospice care. With his wife and his brother by his side, he died.

Source: THR