Superman Finds Kryptonian Apostles

By Garth Franklin Tuesday July 5th 2005 03:34PM

For four days last week a helicopter, apparently working on behalf of the 'Superman' movie, had been filing and hovering next to one of the famous Twelve Apostles rocky outcrops - one of which collapsed (after thousands of years) the day after. Its been widely suggested that these shots were to be used as footage for the planet Krypton.

The Parks and Rangers Association called into Melbourne's 3AW radio stations soon after assuring that such filming wouldn't have contribute to the collapse. Following that, the helicopter pilot rang, saying that he had been filming right along the coastline, "using a million dollar space camp unit" to do the filming, but he refused to either confirm or deny that he'd been filiming for 'Superman'.

Meanwhile a new shot of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane has gone up, the quality of which is so good it actually looks like a publicity still. Determine for yourself at Movie Infos.

Thanks to 'Kenton' & 'SonOfTheDark'