Trade Breaks: Dallas, Belt, Tokyo

By Garth Franklin Tuesday July 5th 2005 03:32PM

"John Travolta was on The Big Breaky on UK TV this morning and hinted that he may be playing 'A man with a mighty big hat' in a "Dallas" movie. I guess he just confirmed rumors that he's playing JR in the Dallas flick? The hosts didn't push for any further information..." (full details)

Hand Picked Films has acquired intellectual property rights to "The Black Belt Club," by children's book author Dawn Barnes. Principles Anthony Romano and Michel Shane, who were exec producers of "I, Robot" and "Catch Me If You Can," paid mid-six figures for the twelve-book Scholastic graphic novel series about a globe-trotting multicultural karate club. They plan to build and develop a multiplatform franchise based on the children's book series that debuted in the spring..." (full details)

20th Century Fox has acquired screenwriters Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon's "Tokyo Ghost Story" for Davis Entertainment to produce. The supernatural thriller is based on a Japanese myth about a Yurei, or the ghost of a jilted lover who commits suicide but returns to lead the offending lover to destruction and/or death..." (full details)

Thanks to 'KC'