Stallone Looks Into B.I.G. Death

By Garth Franklin Tuesday July 5th 2005 03:30PM

HBO has a flick in the works with "Rocky" star Sylvester Stallone slated to play hero LAPD homicide Detective Russell Poole who investigated the slaying of legendary rapper The Notorious B.I.G. reports The NY Daily News.

Poole, who probed the Brooklyn-born rapper's still-unsolved murder, was the first investigator to suggest that crooked cops with ties to rival rap label Death Row Records might be mixed up in the hefty one's 1997 slaying. The bold crimefighter later quit the force just shy of 20 years on the job, publicly alleging that former L.A. Police Chief Bernard Parks and other department big-wigs had squashed his efforts to probe cop corruption and the truth about Biggie's slaying.

Mikko Alanne, who is penning the script for HBO, found himself in the hot seat when "facts" he put in memos to his bosses conflicted with the sworn testimony of another cop he interviewed for the project, Detective Wayne Caffey. The screenwriter testified that Caffey told him "LAPD has confirmed the existence of a videotape" in which Death Row honcho Marion (Suge) Knight and corrupt L.A. cops David Mack and Rafael Perez are heard discussing "a hit on Biggie Smalls." But Caffey testified that although the tape's existence had been rumored and investigated, no tape was ever found.

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