Studio Rep Keeps "Mad Max" On Track

By Garth Franklin Friday October 19th 2012 04:42AM

'It appears as if George Miller's currently filming new "Mad Max" movie is running into trouble.

Warner Bros. Pictures head Jeff Robinov flew to the set in Namibia a few weeks ago to evaluate the film's progress. Sources for The Hollywood Reporter claim the production has already run over budget and has fallen almost a week behind schedule.

Following that visit, producer Denise di Novi has now been dispatched to the set to supervise and will serve as a "studio representative" to oversee the film's progress. Di Novi however will not be made a producer on the film.

Shooting on the project began in July and Robinov is apparently optimistic the $100-125 million feature will wrap on schedule at the end of November.

The news doesn't come as a huge surprise. Namibia is one of the most challenging places to film a massive epic such as this due to its harsh environs and lack of a support system for a large scale production. Miller is also known for going over budget and over schedule in the past.