Word on Indy, Jurassic & Other Sequels

By Garth Franklin Friday March 5th 2004 01:34AM

sp; align="center" width="85" height="25">   jobloSpeculation and rumours are running high right now on some big sequels in development and it's time to sort out some of the mess.

First up "Indiana Jones IV" and despite the concern in the trades about a year or longer delay, one person involved ain't so certain there'll be too much of a wait. Talking with, Steven Spielberg confirmed that "Of course it will still happen" but he won't go into discussing the problems with Darabont's script - "I won't go into it with you now, but it will definitely still happen."

<a href="" target="_blank">JoBlo</a> talked with "Hidalgo" Director Joe Johnston and got to ask him whether he would return to the director's chair for "Jurassic Park IV" after helming the third one but it seems he's not involved in the development process - "Nobody&rsquo;s made me an offer yet. I know that there&rsquo;s a story now that&rsquo;s being written that is, that takes the franchise in a completely different direction &ndash; away from the island and away from the T-Rex and all this. It&rsquo;s a great story, and I sort of hope Spielberg will direct it".

The site also reports that rumours are flying that Naomi Watts is going to be playing Dolores Umbridge in the film version of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" after it was revealed Warner execs have asked her to play an important role in an upcoming Potter film.

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