"Ant-Man" Set For November 6th 2015

By Garth Franklin Monday October 15th 2012 11:40AM

Marvel's miniature hero "Ant-Man" has finally set a date to make his big screen debut - November 6th 2015.

Disney has just issued a press release about various films on their upcoming schedule with the big news being that release date for the Edgar Wright-directed adaptation. The project will join "The Avengers" sequel in May as Marvel's two films for 2015.

Disney has also confirmed both of its Marvel 2013 movies - "Iron Man 3" on May 3rd and "Thor: The Dark World" on November 8th - will be available in 3D.

Finally there's the news that the "Phineas and Ferb" movie has been pushed back to 2014 from a previously announced Summer 2013 date.