News Bites: Wednesday, June 22nd 2005

By Garth Franklin Wednesday June 22nd 2005 11:59PM

Cronicas: John Leguizamo talks the indie flick to IESB.

DVD News: Details are out for Sin City, The Outsiders: SE, The Deer Hunter: SE, To Kill A Mockingbird: SE, The Sting: SE, Oldboy, Mindhunters, The Interpreter, The Simpsons: Season 6.

The Fog: The first pic of Tom Welling & Maggie Grace posing for photos are up at EW.

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix: The new issue of "HOLA" magazine includes an interview with Liz Hurley talked about her role as evil with Bellatirx Lestrange - "I want to have fun and when I learned that most of my scenes are with the characters of Jason Isaacs and Ralph Fiennes I didn't doubt about doing it." [...] The filming locations will be right next door so my life as mother and wife will not be damaged."

Land of the Dead: The first pic of Simon Pegg in full zombie makeup is at Twitch Film.

Shoot 'Em Up: Clips from the animatic reel that was used to sell the ultra-violent flick are up at LatinoReview.

Silent Hill: Roger Avary talks about his experience visiting the set at

Superman Returns: Pics from the EW pictorial are at Movie Newz.

Universal Soldier 3 - Industrialized Peril: Van Damme's going to be doing a second sequel to one of his better movies, see Karate for details.

X3: X-Men Films reports that Brett Ratner has hired the highly rated cinematographer Philippe Rousselot as the DP on the sequel. Rousselot's credits include "Constantine," "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory," "Interview with the Vampire," "The People Vs. Larry Flint," and "Big Fish."

War of the Worlds: Lots of new clips from the Tom Cruise starrer are up at Dreamworks Fansite.

Thanks to 'Threshold', 'Anthony', 'Mateo', 'Jess'.