Pitt & Jolie Have Smith Baby

By Garth Franklin Thursday June 16th 2005 11:13PM

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith", last weekend's box-office winner around the world, has an alternative ending said producer Akiva Goldsman at a press conference for the film in Los Angeles last week. "During the latter period of the shoot, the idea of a sequel was discussed and shot and we had an ending where they have a baby. You'll see this in the DVD in a year's time," he revealed to Channel News Asia.

On-set discussions of a sequel for the movie - in which Pitt and Jolie play a boring, suburban couple who are really assassins working for rival companies -- was generally hush-hush and a "dangerous joke", said Jolie in an earlier roundtable interview. But, the possibility for a sequel now seems open.

"(The Smiths having a baby) seemed like a natural evolution. First they deal with how to manage a relationship in the face of selfish need, next will be how to do so in the face of a baby's need... There's never enough money to make you decide to make the sequel before the movie comes out. So, let's see if people like it and feel good about it afterwards." said Goldsman.

Jolie agreed: "While the Smiths can take on practically anything by the end of the movie, I'll bet you a little kid could take them on. And no matter how tough they are, that would be the greatest challenge." Both Pitt and Jolie were coy about whether they would take on their roles again should such a sequel be shot. Jolie had commented that the tightly- knit cast and crew were "like a really dysfunctional family".

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