Farrell & Gibson Seek Tree of Life

By Garth Franklin Thursday June 16th 2005 11:11PM

Some stories sound far too big to be true and this might be one of those cases. HitList reports that Indian production house Percept Picture Company is all set to be a part of India's first truly Hollywood film entitled "Tree of Life."

Nothing too unusual there. What is strange is that the dramatic film is said to star Hollywood bigwigs Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell, will be directed by Oscar-winner Terence Malik (Thin Red Line, Days of Heaven, Badlands), and is said to be signed in the next 24 hours.

Whoooh, now that's some big names indeed. Hollywood's most famous religious actor/director teaming with its most famous male slut? Seems like an odd combination. Fifteen per cent of Tree of Life will be shot in India, while the rest will be shot on locations abroad.

The managing director of the Percept Picture Company says,"I cannot comment on this right now. When I have something to say, we will announce it officially."

Thanks to 'bgmlsmac'.