Doctor Who Next Season Spoilers

By Garth Franklin Thursday June 16th 2005 11:08PM

Whilst I like the new look "Galactica", I can't for the life of me see why there's so much loving from the fanboys about it (if it wasn't for Baltar & Number Six I wouldn't bother watching). On the other hand though the new "Doctor Who" is simply fantastic and short of one or two weak episodes, its been the best fun I've had from sci-fi television in a long time.

Now with the season finale set to go on air in Britain this Saturday, Outpost Gallifrey has details from a recent BBC screening of the show about the its future and the word is extremely bright indeed. We already know that a second season is set, but now its been revealed that this current first season of the new look show has been successful enough that the BBC has commissioned both a third season and a second Christmas special. Producer Russel T. Davies is also looking set to pen around six of the thirteen episodes next year.

In other good news, Billie Piper has been confirmed to be in all 13 episodes of the second season (and may go on longer) which as we already know will feature David Tennant as the new Doctor. John Barrowman will also be back next season but will not appear in the first block of episodes. This year's Xmas special entitled "The Christmas Invasion" and the next season (going to air early 2006) goes into production in July.

Another less official source for AICN also indicates that (SPOILERS AHEAD) the whole Eccleston/Tennant regeneration sequence is not in this year's Christmas special but rather is actually happening on this Saturday's finale with his first words being - "Hello. New teeth. Now where were we?" (END SPOILERS). Various sources indicate that the Cybermen will be the big threat of next season along the lines that the Daleks got this year.

Thanks to 'My Masters, They Fear The Doctor'.