Neil LaBute On Wicker Man Remake

By Garth Franklin Tuesday June 14th 2005 09:58PM

Total Film spoke with Director Neil La Bute recently about how his remake of "The Wicker Man" is progressing.

LaBute is set to start rolling in August and the question had to be asked, why remake it? "I always loved the movie and I loved the script in particular, but I never thought that it was completed so well that it couldn't be touched again....We'll probably lose 'The', so it'll actually be Wicker Man. That gives it some distance so Christopher Lee doesn't come over here and kick my ass."

Despite the production crew scouting a variety of possible backdrops for the movie (including the Isle of Man), the location for the picture has been confirmed as Vancouver, Canada, as LaBute's script ships the action to America. "It maintains the same sort of structure. The basic premise will be that of a patriarchal society changed to a matriarchal society and rather than being Christian pagan, or God versus other gods, we're going to have a sort of Dionysian vibe."

La Bute is currently tweaking the script and finalising his supporting cast - "We want to be very faithful to the original," Millennium's spokesperson tells Total Film. "But at the same time, so many people have seen it we need to update it a bit - not just to keep the essence of the original, but also to contemporise it. [Cage] will be in the Edward Woodward role. But not as a virgin... I don't think I could get away with that. There's only so much a movie will take!"

Thanks to 'Casey'.