Stars Talk Upcoming at Vanity Fair Party

By Garth Franklin Tuesday March 2nd 2004 03:10AM

As the Vanity Fair bash remains THE post-Oscar bash to go to for celebrities, the press camps out around Morton's restaurant in West Hollywood to talk with the celebs before they head indoors to party all night. Roving spy 'Doug' was amongst them and has updates on heaps of upcoming projects for various celebs:

LORD OF THE RINGS GUYS "Rings" gang all tied up to new projects. Billy Boyd is playing Chucky's kid in "seed of chucky" as well as circling a biopic, Sean Astin is "in with a good chance" to direct 'Fantastic Four' which he says Orlando Bloom is committed to appearing in as The Human Torch. Peter Jackson is interested in doing "The Hobbit" and has his fingers crossed that the rights problems clear up by the time he wraps "King Kong", Elijah Wood says he'll probably be popping up in 'Kong' in addition to starring in a film called "The Yank", Ian McKellen will be doing a romantic pic called "Asylum" before doing a third "X Men".

KELLY LYNCH Lynch has role in 'The Jacket' with Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley. Was disappointed her CA co-star Bill Murray didn't get the gong for best actor.

JENNIFER GARNER Currently training for her role in 'Elektra', says Ben Affleck won't probably be involved in it. Said they have talked about doing an 'Alias' movie in a couple of years. Appears in the new Don Roos film.

RENEE ZELLWEGER Says she'll probably be doing 'Bridget Jones 3' sooner rather than later, as in next year. The sequel will apparently be better than the first - much funnier. Said that 'Cinderella Man' has had a couple of problems - most notably Russell Crowe's injury. I heard from a few folks that they might be re-casting his part.

ROBIN WILLIAMS & BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT Robin doing George Miller's next film, Happy Feet, and has an idea for a Mrs Doubtfire follow-up which would have both he and Sally's characters going undercover as ageing cleaners at their kids college (I think he was serious). Bobcat hears they might be getting the 'Police Academy' series again and if all the originals sign on he would love to do another one. Currently in talks to appear in a superhero movie, albiet in a brief part.

THE WEINSTEINS Miramax boy Harvey Weinstein is talking to the Aussie filmmaker behind the Oscar winning "Harvie Krumpet" with whispers of a feature length film version being on the drawing board.

TOM CRUISE Cruise is set to do the third "Mission Impossible" movie and says that there's a number of actors he's talked to about it. He doesn't rule out working with Kidman again either, even suggesting a role for her in MI3 which he has mentioned to her. Says she's still quite special and hopes to do a film again with her. Is interested in doing "Iron Man" but says it's still in talk stages.

Thanks to 'Dave'.