Madsen Gathers More Bastards

By Garth Franklin Tuesday May 24th 2005 04:47PM

FilmFocus caught up with Michael Madsen at the premiere of Sin City in London where he gave them a bit of a status update on his next Tarantino collaboration, "Inglorious Bastards".

Back in March word came that the project, like "Kill Bill", would be in two parts. Michael says "Quentin's written it now, but we've not started shooting yet. I've read it and you know the Dirty Dozen? It's a bit like that. It's going to be myself and Tim Roth. Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy are in it too"

Whilst Madsen and Roth have worked for Tarantino before, Sandler and Murphy are surprising choices that nevertheless would have big appeal.

Thanks to 'Cox'.