DiCaprio Reads Ludlum's Manuscript

By Garth Franklin Monday May 23rd 2005 04:27PM

In the biggest book deal of the year so far, Paramount Pictures is in final negotiations to pre-emptively acquire Robert Ludlum's 1977 political thriller "The Chancellor Manuscript" as a star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio says The Hollywood Reporter.

The late Ludlum, whose thriller novels of Cold War espionage and Neo-Nazism include such high profile titles as "The Osterman Weekend" and "The Icarus Agenda", has come back into rage thanks to the success of "The Bourne Identity" franchise based on his most famous series of novels. Michael Seitzman ("Class Action") will write the adaptation which will be contemporised to reflect the current paranoia-fuelled political times.

DiCaprio will play novelist Peter Chancellor, who is writing a thriller about Washington power brokers being blackmailed with information gathered by intelligence agencies in order to alter U.S. policy. When Chancellor's work of fiction turns out to have stumbled into reality, he ends up on a run for his life, becoming like a character from his own novel.

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