Writer's Block: Light, Ollie, Valentine

By Garth Franklin Monday May 23rd 2005 04:26PM

In a deal worth upwards of $1 million, Fox 2000 has bought screen rights to "Into the Light," a book Robert Kurson is writing about Michael May, a man called the 'ultimate overachieving blind person' who almost reluctantly had the chance to regain his sight thanks to advancements in stem cell surgery. Kurson won't be done with his book for Random House until next year. May's life rights come as part of the deal. Kurson previously sold "Shadow Divers" to the company..." (full details)

"Regency Enterprises has hired Billy Frolick to pen the script for the upcoming animated CG feature "Ollie." Frolick, co-writer of DreamWorks' "Madagascar," is expected to deliver the "Ollie" script for storyboarding shortly. Northern California-based CritterPix Studios will begin full-scale production soon after..." (full details)

"New Line has fallen for Katherine Fugate's untitled romantic comedy, preemptively buying her pitch about intertwined Valentine's Day stories and setting it up with Mike Karz and Wayne Rice. L.A.-set story involves several couples whose lives intersect on February 14th. Fugate previously did "The Prince and Me" and also penned the upcoming Jennifer Aniston comedy "The Senator's Wife"..." (full details)

Thanks to 'KC'.