10 Minutes Of "John Carter" Online

By Garth Franklin Monday March 5th 2012 10:37AM
10 Minutes Of "John Carter" Online

With Disney's big-budget science-fiction epic "John Carter" hitting worldwide this week, the studio marketing has been as indifferent towards it as the general public seems to be judging by the early polls. With the days counting down to release though, the decision has been made to launch a full ten minute scene from the movie to stir up more interest.

While most of the film's action takes place on Mars, almost fifteen minutes of the first hour is set on Earth during the Civil War and the clip features practically all of those scenes - just trimming off a minute or two from either end. The highlight? "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston decked out with a snazzy blond wig and facial hair. The big question though is, if you've been uncertain about the film up until this point, does this clip change your mind either way?