Fonda Goes Back To 9 to 5 Work

By Garth Franklin Monday May 23rd 2005 04:15PM

People connected to the 1980 comedy "9 to 5" are hoping they can talk Fonda into doing a sequel reports MSNBC. "They've wanted to for years," says a source. "There's been scripts, potential directors, the works, but everyone thought that for it to really work, they'd need the three leads from the original film."

The source says that both Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin were game, but because Fonda had retired from movie making, the project was on hold indefinitely. Now that Fonda is back and doing comedy, they're optimistic. "They've talked to Fonda and think they can make this happen. There's some discussion that it might be called '9 to 5:30.'"

Fonda's rep, however, plays down the possibility of it happening. "There have been no serious conversations about that or any other film project at this time," her rep Pat Kingsley tells MSNBC.

Thanks to 'Straight Talker'.