What's Going On In New Line

By Garth Franklin Friday February 27th 2004 03:20PM

Last week we learned a lot about what Columbia Pictures is putting into development, today comes word on what New Line Cinema is working on now that the whole "Lord of the Rings" craze is over:

"American Princess" Kind of on hold, although Lindsay Lohan is apparently interested. The Todd's wrote the last draft, but script may need more work at a later date.

<strong>"Freddy vs. Jason 2"</strong>

There is an internal treatment which brings back the "Ash" (Bruce Campbell) character from the "Evil Dead" franchise though if this progresses further will depend upon how negotiations with CAA/Raimi go. If successful, NL may potentially pick up the 'Dead' franchise again.

<strong>"Iron Man"</strong>

Tom Cruise's still interested although the schedule depends on when MI3 goes. Spielberg offered but passed although expect that calibre level director.

Currently attached or interested - Peter Care to "Bridge & Tunnel", Kate Hudson to "Parker Grey Show", David Ellis to "Westward".

Script/Development Stage - "Diesel Debutantes", "Guilty Pleasure", "Sex Talk", "Sleight of Mind", "Snakes on a Plane", "Taming Ben Taylor", "The Watch" & Untitled Diane English Project.

Thanks to 'Wedgie'