"American Psycho" Gets Low Budget Remake

By Garth Franklin Thursday December 8th 2011 02:07PM

Now here is some remake news that's frankly inexplicable.

Commercials and music video helmer Noble Jones, who served as second unit director for the Boston-shot scenes of "The Social Network", has scored a new job. That gig? A low-budget re-imagining of "American Psycho" for Lionsgate reports Variety.

Based on the Bret Easton Ellis' 1991 satirical novel, the 80's Wall Street-set story follows a wealthy investment banker by day who becomes a homicidal maniac by night. Mary Harron previously adapted the book in 2000 as an acclaimed blackly comic feature starring Christian Bale.

Jones recently turned in a script for the new version which explores how the Patrick Bateman character would fare in modern day New York City.