Rapace Talks Her "Prometheus" Character

By Garth Franklin Sunday October 9th 2011 02:13PM

Noomi Rapace recently spoke with Norwegian newspaper Aften Posten (via Latino Review) about her role in Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" at 20th Century Fox and in the process revealed quite a bit about the still highly mysterious sci-fi epic:

"I play Elizabeth Shaw, researcher and archaeologist. She's British but was raised in Africa because her father was a missionary. From him she learned to believe in God, and she has a strong inner self.

She is the most complete person I have ever played. She has an inner light. She's very stubborn and determined.

She lost her parents when she was a child, so she's been alone from a young age. But she's very intelligent. I know that when one has to survive alone from an early age, one becomes strong.

But also fragile, because the hurt child within her hasn't been able to evolve in a natural way. You get easily hurt emotionally. She's full of hope, a dreamer, a little naive."

She adds that Halfway through the movie a lot of things happen and she turns into a fighter. Another part of her comes to life."

The actress also revealed that Sigourney Weaver's performance in the original "Alien" inspired her character to some extent - "There is a relationship there. I saw Alien as a teenager and was blown away. Can it really be like that? She was the first female star. With Alien and Thelma & Louise, Ridley has created a lot of hope and dreams."