Star Wars, Bond, Potter Mini-News

By Garth Franklin Thursday April 28th 2005 05:58PM

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith IESB reports that Kevin Smith's involvement in the upcoming "Star Wars" live-action TV series will be in the writing and directing at least a three episode story arc. The site also caught up with Smith's regular co-star Jason Mewes who confirmed Smith saw "Revenge of the Sith" this week - "He said it's really dark....he likes it a lot. He said it's as good as Empire...[but] a lot darker than Empire". Smith has posted his review at ViewAskew.

Casino Royale Sigh, the tennis match has begun again - Sony chairman Michael Lynton told Daily Variety that he doesn't know who'll star in the next James Bond film. He emphatically denied an item sourced to Judi Dench who plays M, claiming Pierce Brosnan's still the man.

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire Folha de São Paulo had an interview with capoeira master Ponciano Almeida about his role in the next Harry Potter movie. He says one of his scenes is a fight sequence in Hogwarts. "I don't want to raise any expectations because I don't know if they will keep everything in the final cut, but it's a big part" said Almeida. Despite his comments, the paper said that he doesn't have any lines in the film. For those of you who are not familiar with capoeira, it's a mix of Brazilian street fight with African dance moves.

Thanks to 'John' & 'Ming'