Djimon Hounsou Seeks Redemption

By Garth Franklin Thursday April 28th 2005 04:02PM

Djimon Hounsou ("Gladiator", "Constantine", "Beauty Shop", "The Island") looks to be going back to his roots and do an indie film called "Redemption", directed by Melvin James ("Honeybee", "A Miami Tail") reports Blackfilm.

"Redemption" is based on a true story about Derek Hounakey, a 30 something West African native who has weekly sessions with his psychologist. Derek attends these sessions to get over the life shattering breakup of his marriage from his new wife.

During a visit to West Africa, Derek's mother makes an attempt to jump start her son's boring life by introducing him to a woman named Virginia, a beautiful but troubled young woman with a hidden agenda and one major secret. Virginia desperately wants to live in the United States and is looking for an unsuspecting victim to win over to gain her citizenship.

After winning Derek over and moving into his home in New Jersey they soon discover that they are having a baby and Derek is estatic over the news of being a father. However, a series of questionable events lead Derek to become suspicious of Virginia and he discovers something that shatters his world once again.

Preproduction begins in May 2005, with filming to commence in June 2005.

Thanks to 'Wilson'