Rwanda's Okonedo Is a Martian

By Garth Franklin Thursday April 28th 2005 03:33PM

Sophie Okonedo ("Hotel Rwanda") is jumping onto New Line's "The Martian Child" along with Oliver Platt and moppet Bobby Coleman reports Variety.

Okonedo will play a social worker who persuades a widowed writer, played by John Cusack, to adopt a young boy who believes he is a Martian. She'll next appear in Par's "Aeon Flux" opposite Charlize Theron, but hasn't accepted a job since her Oscar nomination for "Hotel Rwanda".

Platt plays Cusack's suffering agent, who is frustrated as his client's attention turns away from his writing and toward his strange new adopted son. Pic is set to begin shooting Monday. Menno Meyjes is directing.

Thanks to 'Sophie's Choice'.