"Troy", "A Sound of Thunder" First Photos

By Garth Franklin Friday January 2nd 2004 04:30PM
"Troy", "A Sound of Thunder" First Photos

Warners has two FX-heavy films next year, one an ancient epic opening on the biggest holiday weekend whilst the other an adaptation of a sci-fi classic tale of time-travelling hunters. Both also have two quite striking new shots as well.

On the right comes a look at the very first photo via AICN from the Ed Burns/Ben Kingsley sci-fi actioneer "A Sound of Thunder". Based on the short story by famed author Ray Bradbury ("Farenheit 451"), this tale follows an agency who takes rich hunters back in time for big game hunting of dinosaurs and the like but their sport is beginning to have an impact on history.

Next its Brad Pitt and his new bulging biceps as the legendary warrior Achilles in "Troy". The story of the Trojan war hasn't been realised on this scale on the big screen and looks set to easily be one of the biggest earners of next year - the shot above comes from a 2004 preview article that appeared in the New York Post.