Charlie Sheen Wants Another "Major League"

By Garth Franklin Tuesday February 22nd 2011 03:54AM

Charlie Sheen is eager to reprise the role of Ricky 'Wild Thing" Vaughn in the "Major League" franchise reports TMZ.

The troubled star is reportedly keen on doing another sequel to the 1989 comedy and would do a new version if a script were green lit. Sheen insists this will be "Major League 3", technically "Major League: Back to the Minors" is the third film in the series but the "Two and Half Men" actor calls it "an abortion" and doesn't believe it should be counted with the rest of the series.

Sheen screened the original film during a baseball All-Star party at his house over the weekend and tells the site he's doing everything in his power to get a "Major League 3" movie on the big screen.