Spider-Man 3 Villains Revealed?

By Garth Franklin Wednesday March 23rd 2005 09:14PM

An article in the Press & Sun-Bulletin about FX artist Tim Phoenix revealed the young man is behind the effects of three major FX movies in development including "Where the Wild Things Are", "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" and a third "Spider-Man" movie.

Whilst the article reveals some interesting small tidbits including how 2,500 sculpted, foam latex prosthetics are being created for "Pirates" and how he worked on designing the tentacles for villain Dr. Octopus in the second "Spider-Man", it also dropped an unexpected side piece.

The article indicates "Phoenix did say that the crew is in the conceptual design process for the villains, who are Man-Wolf and Venom". Til now the identity of the villains have remained a close and guarded secret even though actor Thomas Haden Church has been confirmed to be cast as one of them.

Could this be real or the article writer's speculation? Whilst Venom is the villain fans seem most keen on, Man-Wolf is a quite surprising choice although it does give room to expand the character of John Jameson (Daniel Gilles) from the second movie.

Thanks to 'Mr. Majesty' & 'Jediyuth'