News Bites: Thursday, March 10th 2005

By Garth Franklin Thursday March 10th 2005 07:04PM

Bewitched: The Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell led film based on the show has moved up from July 8th to June 24th where it will take on "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Herbie: Fully Loaded". This leaves "Fantastic Four" alone in its July 8th release slot.

Cyxork 7: Ray Wise stars in this low-budget sci-fi spoof movie in production, details are up at Sci-Fi Online.

Deadwood (TV): A simply superb interview with Ian McShane is up at Maxim Online

Ferris Bueller 2: Details on a potential sequel are up at HSX.

Games: A cute game in which Napoleon Dynamite takes on "Robots" star Fender is up at Napoleon vs. Fender, whilst a Miss Congeniality 2 game is also online.

Ghost Rider: Set pics from the flick have appeared at Superhero Hype.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Additional pictures of the Hungarian Horntail dragon are up at HPANA.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown: Ray Romano gives a video interview about the CG flick to IESB.

Madea's Family Reunion: The success of "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" has prompted Lions Gate Films' to produce and distribute Tyler Perry's second play featuring the character of Aunt Madea. The film will be released theatrically in February 2006.

Man Thing: The official site is open for Brett Leonard's movie to air on Sci-Fi late April.

New Images: New shots are up for The Darwin Awards, Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, The Amityville Horror, Chrystal, A Good Woman, Steamboy, The Chumscrubber, and Star Wars: Episode III.

Posters: One-sheets are available for The Honeymooners, Layer Cake.

Rocky VI: The first three pages from the script are up at JoBlo.

Superman Returns: A short bit from the Tamworth shoot is up at The ND Leader. Meanwhile, Blue Tights Network is reporting that veteran actor James Karen will star in Bryan Singer's Superman movie in the role of Ben Hubbard, Martha Kent's neighbour. He is apparently in Australia already for the shoot

The Virgin of Fatima: Mel Gibson could make a new religious movie about the miracles of the Virgin of Fátima. Gibson recently visited the convent where Sor Lucía, the last of the three children of Fatima, resides to show her his movie "The Pasion of the Christ".   Apparently he was very impressed when he knew about the miracle of Fátima, who appeared for the first time on  May, 13th  of 1917 and kept on appearing the 13th day of each month for a while. More details are at estrenosdecine.

War Games 2: The Deadly Key: Producer Mike Elliot talks the upcoming sequel to Moviehole.

War of the Worlds: The next video from the set of the remake is up at Yahoo, whilst a cool set pic can be found at LatinoReview.

Watchmen: The official site has been updated slightly.

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