Diesel Talks Hannibal & Riddick 2

By Garth Franklin Thursday March 10th 2005 06:42PM

With "The Pacifier" and "Find Me Guilty" opening for this year, Diesel is now turning his attention to getting his long-awaited pet project "Hannibal" off the ground. The biopic, about the third century B.C. Carthaginian general who attacked Rome from the top of an elephant, had stalled when Diesel calculated a budget in the $200 million range. Now armed with a much smaller budget, Diesel is intent on starring in and directing what he proudly calls his "Braveheart."

"We're going to have all systems go on 'Hannibal,' " Diesel told MTV. "I've been working on my shots. In fact, my storyboard artist is a guy named Sylvain Despretz, who was Ridley Scott's storyboard artist on artist on 'Gladiator.' It's going to be exciting. Just wait for that one; it's going to all come together. I will not let you down...I like the idea of making a movie and not being governed by all the things that govern a $200 million movie. I want to do things like make it multilingual, non-English". For pointers on "Hannibal," Diesel has sought out the advice of close friend and advisor Mel Gibson.

After "Hannibal", he plans on returning to the science-fiction trilogy that he visited this past summer with "The Chronicles of Riddick." Of a potential second entry, Diesel says "Riddick? Well, you know that I've always had 'C2' planned. I'm silently -- and I shouldn't even say this -- I'm silently working on 'C2' with some of the outlines that were created when I first thought of doing the three films."

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