Brando Is Jor-El In Superman

By Garth Franklin Thursday March 10th 2005 06:34PM

Latino Review reports that Jor-El for the new "Superman Returns" has been cast, and its not Patrick Stewart or Anthony Hopkins as earlier rumoured but rather...Marlon Brando.

Yep, that's right. Much like Laurence Olivier's brief resurrection in "Sky Captain" last year, the late Marlon Brando will be appearing as Jor-El in "Superman Returns" which just began shooting here in Australia. As far as we can tell Brando will not be CGI, but rather Singer plans to use stock footage of Marlon Brando that was originally shot by "Superman" director Richard Donner for the first two films.

So much of Brando's work from the second one was left on the cutting room floor due to legal reasons that it's certainly possible they could be resurrected, the question is is the material of good enough quality to be usable.

This also gels with talk of Singer using items that are familiar to the first two films such as the design of the Fortress of Solitude and of Krypton. He has also mentioned that he will use part of the famous John Williams score.

Thanks to 'Kel'