Ledger Dumps Skating For Surfing

By Garth Franklin Thursday March 10th 2005 06:23PM

Moviehole talked to "Lords of Dogtown" writer Stacey Peralta the other day who revealed that Sony is keen to cast Aussie spunk Heath Ledger in a new biopic about surfer Greg Noll that Stacey and Sam George are writing.

In "Dogtown", Heath Ledger plays the part of Skip, who was the proprietor who owned the surfboard shop that the skaters of 70's on Venice Beach all kind of hung around at. Ledger was so good in fact that the studio is thinking of casting Ledger in Peralta's next project, a biopic about Greg Noll, the surfer whom upon settling in Hawaii in the early 1950s, helped create the laid-back lifestyle attributed to the sport and its followers.

"Sony studios saw Riding Giants and they saw Greg Noll, and immediately they thought it would make a great story. So they hired me and they hired Sam George, who co-write Riding Giants, to write a biopic based on his life. We're just about finished - in three weeks we submit it to the studios. This is Greg when he was about 23. I don't think so far ahead as casting, but the producers have been banding Heath Ledger's name about" said Peralta.

After a quiet few years, Ledger is posing an almost 'Jude Law in 2004' style comeback trick with involvement in no less than four films set to open this year. Amongst them the aforementioned "Dogtown" in June, the Terry Gilliam dark comedy "The Brothers Grimm" in July, the Ang Lee gay cowboy drama "Brokeback Mountain" on December 9th, Lasse Hallstrom's romance biopic on "Casanova" around Christmas and the as yet unscheduled Geoffrey Rush Aussie drama "Candy".

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