Images: Grimm, Robot, Cool

By Garth Franklin Friday February 6th 2004 09:55PM

Heaps of stills are out again today, this time from the sets of three major upcoming studio flicks due out late 2004/early 2005 and starring some quite big names:

First up Dwayne Johnson Online has the first three shots from the set of the "Get Shorty" sequel entitled "Be Cool" - photos that show Vince Vaughn and The Rock's startling new look in the film:


After that The Z Review has several major picture scoops today starting with the first look at Monica Belucci as the evil Queen in "Brothers Grimm" and the first shots from the Samuel L. Jackson South African drama "Country of my Skull":

That ain't all though, there's also a few new shots from the Asimov-penned, Proyas-directed Will Smith sci-fi drama "I, Robot":

Thanks to 'Gary' & 'ThaFlash23'.