Indiana Jones 4 back on hold

By Garth Franklin Thursday February 5th 2004 08:35PM

Just when things seemed to be going forward, they've come to a halt. Variety reports that the fourth "Indiana Jones" pic is on hold as a new script draft has been commissioned.

Frank Darabont had been brought in to script a concept the trio (Spielberg, Ford and Lucas) liked and earlier this week it was reported the work was complete, but sources close to the production said Producer George Lucas was unhappy with the draft. So now another screenwriter has been brought in to hone Darabont's script.

Spielberg had no comment on his plans, but with the time now required and the small availability window for the trio to work together - it is now looking like a 2005 production start at the earliest for release in 2006.

Meanwhile a supposed Paramount insider sent in the following scoop to DH a few hours before the trade report broke which could reveal some of the reasoning behind why Lucas didn't like it: "Darabont has been ordered to rewrite it, one of the elements he apparently didn't go for was a sub-plot involving Indy's brother. The brother is still going to be in it, but not as much a focus as in the current script. There needs to be more dimension to the character as well. Apparently Kevin Costner has talked to Spielberg too - but I don't know if he's in it".

Thanks to 'Subject01'.