Furious, Intolerance Sequel Gossip

By Garth Franklin Wednesday February 4th 2004 11:35PM

After both films hit big you know there's going to be third "Fast & The Furious" movie, the thing is though many are hearing the first film's main star may be back for another go around. Well today one insider reveals the latest talk on how the torque is coming together:

"Vin Diesel's deal is 99.9 closed. They're keeping this under wraps while they develop the story because he did have a deal for the second pic that he opted out of. Because of his box office as of late (and the growing fear that "Riddick" may not be the blockbuster that the studio is hoping for) this is a no brainer as he's desperate for the stability a franchise offers. Paul Walker's character as of the early treatments is not involved in anything more than a cameo".

  Meanwhile in more confirmed news on a thoroughly different project - <a href="" target="_blank">The Arizona Daily Star</a> reports that "City of God" Director Fernando Mierelles is now in pre-production for "The Constant Gardener" a drama
  about an English diplomat living in Kenya whose wife is murdered, as well
  as her suspected lover. 

  Following that film, which has an estimated 2005 release, Merielles will
  get to work on "Intolerance: The Sequel," a takeoff on D.W. Griffith's
  landmark silent film, "Intolerance" released way back in 1916. 
  Merielles said his film will
  tell six ifferent stories in different parts of the world, and will show
  the relationships and dichotomies of the third world and the upper class.      "I'm doing the sequel to Griffith, It's the story of mankind, and the timeline, of talking about human kind of geography happening to different people in different places".

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