Spielberg & Cruise Answer Your Queries

By Garth Franklin Wednesday November 17th 2004 07:49PM

In honour of "The War of the Worlds", Paramount Pictures will be sponsoring several exclusive Q&A sessions with Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. You've been given a special invitation to send in questions from your site visitors for the legendary duo.  This will be their first interaction from the set, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to have your answers seen by millions on Yahoo!

Please submit your site's questions to me by 5am Pacific time this Friday, November 19th. Please make sure that every question contains the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name (This will not be used on the video)
  • Location (City, State, Country)
  • Question submitted through (website)
  • Email address Please make sure to check out Yahoo! Movies this Wednesday, November 17th to see the launch of the War of the Worlds Q&A site. Yahoo will be hosting all of the Q&A videos from Spielberg and Cruise (if one of your questions is answered you will also receive the video.)

Thanks to 'CL'.