Short T4/Pirates 2 Update

By Garth Franklin Thursday November 4th 2004 04:09PM

IESB scored word from 'The Insider' who shoots down one rumour, and adds fire to others on two of the biggest sequels due out in 2006: "I just did some pre-vis for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasures of the Lost Abyss" last month. Nothing to share, but can debunk a rumor: Orlando Bloom is not going to do "Terminator 4". I read it on a few sites a while back. It's not happening. Not sure if it was even offered. Bloom - who is going to rock in 'Treasure' - is stapled down for the next year. He's got PR for Elizabethtown to do, and then another 'Pirates' after this's a no-go considering T4 shoots next year. 'T4' is a different crowd, but I know that DigitalScape are prepping the effects".

'Pirates' is coming along well. Begins shooting after Christmas. Great cast - Depp, Rush, Bloom, Knightley, Salma Hayek and Keith Richards. It's on a much grander scale to the first - lawds of money.

For more on that, click here. Thanks to 'Jessica' & 'Eddie'