Barker's Plague Spread At Midnight

By Garth Franklin Thursday November 4th 2004 02:22PM

Clive Barker's Midnight Picture Show production company and Armada Pictures are teaming for the future-set horror thriller "Plague," according to Reuters. The film, penned by Hal Masonberg and Teal Minton, is currently in pre-production and aiming for a February 2005 start under Masonberg's helm.

The story follows a mysterious apocalypse that has left the world's children comatose and unresponsive. Trouble starts when the grownup kids wake up and lash out against their parents.

Barker is currently producing "Dread" for 20th Century Fox based on his short story of the same name. He's also penning "Tortured Souls" for Universal and is attached to direct the project.

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