Die Hard 4 Script Update

By Garth Franklin Monday November 1st 2004 08:42PM

Moviehole reports that whilst not much has been heard since Doug Richardson was hired to pen "Die Hard 4", this weekend saw some new information:

"I've been told that, in December, a second draft of the "4.0" screenplay is to be handed in to the Twentieth Century Fox Execs and also Cheyenne Enterprise's Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin, who are producing the movie for Fox. Writing duties were provided by "Die Hard 2: Die Harder"'s Doug Richardson, who also penned the upcoming Willis starrer "Hostage" as well as "Money Train" and the original "Bad Boys".

Word is that the script was a spec called "" and was in the vein of the 80's Matthew Broderick flick "War Games". Mark Bomback who scripted the God awful "Godsend" was brought in and whom was rewritten by Richardson a few months ago.

As yet, only Willis himself has been cast and "Die Hard" and "With A Vengeance" helmer John McTiernan IS NOT going to be involved. Despite no firm storyline being released, detective John McClane is supposed to be RETIRED in the fourth movie of this most successful and entertaining action franchise".

Thanks to 'Clint'