Zellweger on Cinderella & Bridget 3

By Garth Franklin Sunday October 17th 2004 11:04PM

In an interview coming on Tuesday right here, Renee Zellweger talks about her returning to the role of Bridget Jones in the upcoming romantic comedy sequel "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason". During the chat, she spoke a bit about what's next for her and quashed those rumours that she plans to take a year off:

"I just haven't committed to another film and am not aggressively seeking one at this time. I think I need to take a little time and just be a girl and collect some experiences as a person and not just as a person who's emulating someone else. I can't really take a year off because there's no such thing really. It's just different phases of the cycle of making a film.

So now this one's finished and it's coming out, and then Cinderella Man, which I have to finish up and do post production on and go around with that. I think by that time, my year off will be up. But I don't think I'm going to go hop in a makeup chair any time soon."

As for Cinderella Man, the story of Depression-era fighter Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe), Zellweger says playing Braddock's wife was challenging "It was difficult because she's not so present on the page. It's more internalized and it was about researching and coming to understand who she was, to understand what society was like at the time and so how that would make an impact on whom she was".

Is Bridget Jones 3 possible? "Oh my Gosh, that's not up to me, is it? Ask Helen Fielding.".