Michael Caine Talks Harry Brown

By Garth Franklin Wednesday September 17th 2008 09:00AM

Michael Caine tells MTV News that he's going all vigilante for his recently announced "Harry Brown".

The story follows an elderly man driven to vigilante justice in a London neighborhood taken over by criminals. Emily Mortimer also stars as a police officer.

Caine says of his role "He's an ex-Marine who lives on a real crap estate in London full of junkies and pimps and hookers. And he becomes a vigilante because he has to or else they're going to kill him."

Don't expect too much physical action considering Caine's age - "The guy is old and has emphysema but he is an ex-Marine and you get to know that. He's in his late 70s and he doesn't want to fight. He's not exactly a powerhouse but he does start to bring it around."