News Bites: Friday, October 8th 2004

By Garth Franklin Friday October 8th 2004 11:58PM

Arthur: French newspaper Ecran Total & LucB reports that Luc Besson has announced the title for his ninth movie - "Arthur", it's a mix with actors and 3D animation based on his self-penned fairy tale "Arthur et les Minimoys". The story is about 10-year-old orphan Arthur, who is dragged into the magical world of the Minimoys. The budget is around 65 millions euros

Babylon 5: Is there something brewing in the JMS-verse? See the last line of this page. Batman Begins: A rumoured 'Scarecrow' image has been dubbed as 'way off' by Batman on Film. Beowulf & Grendel: The writer for the Gerard Butler flick speaks about the project to Monsters & Critics. Bewitched: Nick Lachey has a cameo according to AOL. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason: Assorted new pics are up at LatinoReview. Closer: Twelve new pics from the Mike Nichols flick are up at Rope of Silicon. Delaware McChoad: The Indy Experience reports that Universal Studios has purchased the rights to an adventure comedy film called Delaware McChoad.† The film is about a "wealthy but inept archaeologist who searches for artifacts nobody wants." . Dungeons & Dragons 2: Justin Whalin has apparently been dumped from the planned sequel. DVD News: Details are up for Meet the Parents: SE, The Terminal & Catwoman. Elektra: A high quality copy of the one-sheet is now online. Flight of the Phoenix: The final poster for the remake is up at LatinoReview. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: A look at the pre-menu DVD clip is up at HPANA. Jurassic Park IV: "From what I've seen of the first shots of Jurassic Park IV, all the dinosaurs now have feathers" says museum guy Mark Norell to Nature. Land of the Living Dead: George Romero and a small army of make up people will begin principle photography of "Land" on Tuesday October 12th In Toronto. They will be shooting on the old Downsview airport site as well as various location in Toronto. MSN Column: A great column by my friend and writer extraordinaire Gregory Ellwood begins today, check it out at MSN.Com. Satan's Playground: An update on the horror flick is up at Creature Corner. Saw: An exclusive clip from the horror thriller is up at IFilm. Smallville (TV): The first images of Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen/the future Flash from the October 20 'Smallville' is up at KryptonSite. Star Wars: Episode III: A recent Net poster on AICN has been revealed to be a fake. The Black Dahlia: Shooting on the Brian DePalma flick looks to be set for March 2005 now according to De Palma a la Mod. The Fantastic Four: An animated version is coming, see CBM for details. Set pics of Jessica Alba are up at Superhero Hype. Kerry Washington talked about her role to LatinoReview whilst Maria Menounos speaks on hers at The Trades. The Grudge: Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about the horror remake to ET. The Polar Express: 14 photos from the CG-animated feature are up at Cinescape. Thanks to 'Gustavo', 'Kenny', 'trashcompactor', 'Patricia', 'Brad', 'Kellvin', 'Jason', 'Scott', 'Jeff', 'Carys', 'Geri', 'Chien-Wei', 'Tony', 'Antoine', 'Phillip', 'RafaŽl' & 'Eddie'