It's Alive and Ready To Kick Ass!

By Garth Franklin Friday October 8th 2004 11:49PM

UHM got some exclusive talk from Larry Cohen about the remake over at the Shock and Roll column. Here's what was said:

"I'm going to both write and direct the remake. I want to make it my way, and this is the best way to do it so it will be kept under control. It'll be fun. I haven't directed a picture in about five years, actually, so it will be nice to get back into it. Certainly we'll use CGI, but I expect to use it in a more creative way. I'll keep the creature in the shadows so you won't get a good look at the thing thru most of the picture. And when we pay it off, of course, it will be excellent. But it could hardly be better than some of the shots of it in the original. They were few and far between, but what you did see made it look like it was real." "Now, with the remake, we're living in a time with DNA and genetic research where people can have custom designed babies. They can pick and choose hair color, eye color, they can pick and choose the sex. And if they find out there's gonna be certain defects with the child ahead of time, they can abort the pregnancy. They're even saying they're at the verge of being able to define homosexuality, which a parent might say they don't want to get in to raising a child with those tendencies and they won't have this child so they'll abort it I mean, this is pretty horrible when you think about it. If it was up to parents to make those kind of choices, some of the greatest people that ever lived would have never been born. So that's what I'm exploring with the remake"

Thanks to 'Fright Master'.