Monahan Driving Up London Boulevard

By Garth Franklin Thursday April 3rd 2008 07:51AM

"The Departed" and "Kingdom of Heaven" scribe William Monahan has teamed with Quentin Curtis to acquire rights to the Ken Bruen novel "London Boulevard" reports Variety.

The story revolves around a South London criminal who, after release from prison, tries to give up the gangster life by becoming a handyman for a reclusive young actress.

Monahan has nearly completed adapting the script, and plans to make his directing debut on the crime drama this fall. He and Curtis will produce along with Graham King and Alexandra Milchan.

Monahan is keeping busy, recently acquiring the John Pearson book "The Gamblers" which he's adapting for Warner Bros. Pictures. He also signed on to adapt the remake of the Korean film "The Chaser" for Warners, and an undercover fact-based thriller for Paramount.