King Kong Prod. Breakdown: Days 1-12

By Garth Franklin Friday September 24th 2004 11:21PM

Forget about those little tidbits leaking out, here's a breakdown of the major stuff happening on the "King Kong" set during the first two weeks of production in Wellington, NZ (where I'll be myself this weekend, though not for this), courtesy of the boys at KongIsKing.Net: Day 1: Peter Jackson welcomes the fans to from the set on the first night of shooting. He's on the backlot, where we can see the exterior of the Venture, surrounded by bluescreen, as they're waiting for darkness to begin shooting. Day 4: Today they're filming a scene in a diner where some characters are introduced, who participate in the voyage. (this scene is also in the original film). PJ takes us on a tour around the diner-set, including some of the meals. He also introduces us to Naomie Watts and Jack Black in full costume! Naomies hat is based on Fay Wray's in the original movie, a small homage to the old film. Day 6: It's a rainy day, exterior scenes being shot on the Venture. The scene involves Jack Black and Adrian Brody walking on the deck. PJ directs them for fun and lets them waggle a bit, to indicate the boat is rocking back and forth. The set itself does not move. Day 7: Shot entirely inside the Venture (studio B, where Bag End for LotR was also built). The interior is deliberately built 'narrow & pokey" (quote from PJ) and the ship is kinda rundown.

Day 8: Alex Funke is handling miniature trees for the jungle scenes in a scale of 20. The Main unit was on the backlot, on the ship, filming Jack Black scenes in which he is filming himself.

Day 10: We get to see a planespotter, who alerts the crew when a plane is about to land/take off. (And man, that is some noise! No wonder LotR peeps spoke a lot about it on the DVD's. That's massive noise).

Day 12: Nightshooting. Lots of water and fans is being used to create the feel of the Venture being in a storm. Characters have to roll and fall as they go in the scenes. It is shot with handcamera's. Colin Hanks is soaked to the bone, telling us he's very cold. The waves will be done by computer. Adrian Brody pee's in his wetsuit.

Thanks to 'Kenny'.